The best laundromat in Bordeaux

During your trip you may need to wash your clothes. If there isn’t a washing machine on site you will need to go to the laundromat or use a laundry service. Even if you have a big suitcase ! We explain the difference between a laundromat and a laundry service. Where to find them and how to use them?

How works a laundromat in Bordeaux?

A laundromat is a place where there are many washing machines. To start you have to go yourself to the laundromat with your laundry bag. If you don’t have laundry near you, you will have to walk longer. Be careful, the laundromats are often small and there are not always machines available. After paying and set going your machine, you have to wait between 45min and 1H15. Don’t forget to bring or to buy detergent if you want an effective washing ! When your laundry is clean, you have to take it out of the washing machine and put it in a dryer machine. Don’t forget to pay, otherwise it won’t work. The drying time depends on the quality of the laundry. On average, drying takes 35-45 minutes. once everything is ready, you have to fold your laundry and you can go home.

Why is a laundry service different ?

By using a laundry service, say farewell to your laundry chore. If you travel in Bordeaux, we recommand you « comptoir de la laverie ». It’s the best laundry service if you want enjoy your time. It’s easier and faster than a traditional laundromat. You won’t have anything to handle.

Step 1 : you have to place an order online or by phone or by WhatsApp

Step 2 : Comptoir de la laverie pick up your laundry bag at your address (appartment, hotel…)

Step 3 : Enjoy your time. Your laundry is delivered washed, dried and folded within same day.

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